• Quick and easy results of resource conciliation, facilitating decision-making
  • Improve your conciliations on precision and execution time
  • Get better and more comprehensive graphics for your analysis
  • Run multiple graphics in parallel and visualize them at the same time

About Conciliatron

Conciliatron is a tool to perform mining conciliation between two block models. It quantifies the diferences and helps to identify the causes of the errors through all the graphics available to generate.


Conciliatron facilitates the standardization of the conciliation process, improving the consistency of the results obtained among different people.

Intuitive Design

Conciliatron has been designed under the most intuitive interface for the users, giving them a better experience to make conciliations.

Graphs Dashboard

Conciliatron integrates a dashboard that allows the construction of multiple graphics based on the loaded data.


Much of the process is automated. No time is lost in reviewing, filtering, grouping and selecting data to obtains results.

Interactive Analysis

The Conciliatron’s Dashboard allows you to generate a wide range of graphics that will help on your analisys. You can run multiple graphics at the same time and visualize each of them without closing (and re-running) the others.

How It is Done

Conciliatron is composed of four macro stages where variables and parameters can be easily adjusted, in order to obtain reports with a customizable number of charts. The generated results can be viewed in the Conciliatron’s interface or be automatically exported to an MS Word® document, PDF file, or MS PowerPoint® presentation.


Data Load

The block models are read in the Data Load stage. Conciliatron will automatically identify the type of data: categorical, continuous or other type.


In Setup stage you can group data and create filters, in order to only use the information that is really necessary in the conciliation.


In Conciliation stage you can choose the parameters to perform calculations. They compare the information on the loaded models in order to detect errors.


In Analytics stage you can also generate graphics, but these show the calculations based on the information of the models and data from drillholes and blastholes.

Calculations that can be performed

• Average grade, tonnage and metal for differents cut-off grades and volumes (months, years, phases, geological unit).

• Grade, tonnage and metal errors for different cut-off grades and different breaks (by phase, year, bench, geological unit).

• Match percentage in comparison of variables such as geological unit and any other available categorical variable.

• Match percentage in ore-waste destination for a cut-off grade.

• Match percentage for different cut-off grades simultaneously.

• Grade histogram by periods and/or volumes.

• Visualization in plan view and vertical section in ore-waste destination.


And more.



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